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a. The user community of Vietnam-Finland International School (VFIS) Elementary Library (abbreviated as Library) is people who are working, students who are studying at VFIS from grade 01 to grade 05 (hereinafter referred to as users);

b. Library card is integrated into the staff and student card; Library account is also the University Portal account.


a. Rights

Users are entitled to:

- Have their library account activated pursuant to Clause B, Article 1, VFIS Elementary Library Regulations;

- Use library information resources, services and facilities;

- Attend library’s events;

- Give feedback to improve library’s activities;

- Students are allowed to invite their parent to visit and read books at the Library every Wednesday afternoon, from 15:15 - 16:30

 b. Responsibilities

Users are expected to:

- Comply with the Library regulations when using library resources, services and facilities;

- Leave belongings in designated areas and be responsible for their own properties; 

- Behave in the appropriate manner, observe silence;

- Put rubbish in bins and keep surroundings clean; arrange tables and chairs neatly after use;

- Keep the library’s equipment, facilities, and others provided safe;


3.1 Donts

a. Bring library materials out of the Library without approval;

b. Bring food or drink into library;

c. Act in an inappropriate manner, talk loudly, make noise, and sleep in the Library;

d. Having no awareness of protecting library assets (writing, drawing on tables and chairs, equipment of the Library; making notes on library materials; tearing or copying Library materials without permission of the Library; etc.).

3.2 Discipline

a. In case of damage, loss of Library assets, compensation must be equal to the value of the assets at present;

b. Other violations will be handled under the School’s regulations.