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Users are expected to:

- Comply with the Library regulations when using library resources, services, and facilities;

- Leave belongings in designated areas and be responsible for their own properties; 

- Behave in the appropriate manner, observe silence;

- Put rubbish in bins and keep surroundings clean; arrange tables and chairs neatly after use;

- Keep the library’s equipment, facilities, and others provided safe;




- Bring library materials out of the Library without approval;

- Bring food or drink into the library;

- Act in an inappropriate manner, talk loudly, make noise, and sleep in the Library;

- Having no awareness of protecting library assets (writing, drawing on tables and chairs, equipment of the Library; making notes on library materials; tearing or copying Library materials without permission of the Library; etc.).


- In case of damage, loss of Library assets, compensation must be equal to the value of the assets at present;

- Other violations will be handled under the School’s regulations.